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How To Care For Dry and Cracked Lips

Chapped lips can be annoying, painful, and even unattractive but many of us deal with them throughout the year. Whether it’s the weather or allergens, these are the actions you can take to prevent and treat your dry, chapped lips.

  • Don’t lick your lips!

This is one of the worst things you could do to dry and cracked lips. Since saliva evaporates quickly, your lips lose its natural oils and become drier than before. Use your lip balm instead.

  • Drink up

Be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which can lead to dry lips. Excess caffeine could also cause dehydration.

  • Protect your mouth in low temperatures

The cold, dry winter air or even long hours spent in air-conditioned rooms can remove the moisture from your lips and make your smile disappear. Cover your mouth with a scarf or surgical mask to prevent cracked lips.

  • Protect your mouth indoors

Use a humidifier at home or at work. This device provides the moisture needed for your chapped lips

  • Exfoliate your lips gently

Dry and cracked lips often leave a layer of flaky dead skin. An easy way to scrub off your dead skin is to use your tooth brush. After you brush your teeth, get rid of unwanted dry skin by brushing your lips Gently with your toothbrush. Moisturize your new, soft lips immediately with a good lip balm.

  • Follow up with a lip balm

Our lip balm has superior penetrating abilities to deliver moisture and nutrients deep below the skin’s surface. Ingredients like beeswax which locks moisture in and shea butter are all found in Emu Oil Lip Balm.

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