Our Story

One midnight in 1997, our infant first born was warded for a week in hospital due to a stubborn high fever. It was heart wrenching to watch nurses gently immerse him in a steel tub of water at room temperature which was then slowly drained away, replaced by cold water from a running tap. Read More

Best Selling Brands

Botanical Blessings

Oshya Busch is the founder, grower and formulator of Botanical Blessing. The beautiful continent of Australia and is her constant source of inspiration! The farm is located on the sunny, beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia. Since 1999.

Coconut Tree

The health and beauty benefits of coconut oil are well known and it is little wonder that coconut oil has been part of the daily regime of tropical island communities for generations to nourish, protect and beautify their bodies inside and out.

Down To Earth

Our skin absorbs what we apply topically and it can end up in your bloodstream, contributing towards healing and regeneration. We can maximise this even further by using natural, plant based topical products.

Emu Tracks

Emu Tracks Australia produces the best quality emu oil products using therapeutic grade emu oil registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Dept of Australian Government and natural ingredients sourced.

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