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  • Peggy
    This cream (African Potato Cream) is wonderful for my very tricky face condition. It moisturizes yet not oily, helps with acne, scars and I get occasional eczema, after using it for a month, no flare ups. Very happy with it.
  • paggy
    I have had eczema since I was 3 years old so for 40 years now. The state of my eczema can vary from good to bad to very bad; triggers being weather, stress, lack of sleep & reaction to items eaten. Another issue I have is Cold Sore which can in its worst take over half of my face in a few hours.I must have spent hundreds of pounds over the years on different products hoping they help me. And how much Cortisone has been given to my body over the years!
  • Minna Kolari Manchester UK
    In March 2012 I went for a holiday to South Africa. My hands were so sore I could hardly move my fingers. I was given a jar of African Potato Cream but as I was very sceptical, I left it for 2 days before opening it. When I finally used the product, I could not believe the change in my hands in just a few days! When back in the UK, I could feel Cold Sore coming through but using the Clear Skin Gel product, spreading stopped immediately. I haven’t had a Cold Sore problem since then. Through my own experience, I have become so passionate about African Potato Products that I have decided to bring them to UK. If these products help me, I believe they will definitely help others too.
    Minna Kolari Manchester UK
  • Pip
    I am 85 and fell earlier in the year and have been on a walking frame / immobile ever since. I started using African Potato Cream – rubbed on my legs, knees and hips every night before going to bed. I am sleeping better than I have in years – no tossing and turning from one painful side to the other – with reduced pain, I am slowly building up walking and am able to drive again! No one can know the wonderful sense of freedom African Potato Cream has given me. Thank you!
  • Celia Evans, professional hockey player
    I later on developed eczema on my face. After tough training sessions under stressful conditions my face would flair up. I decided to do some research and tried a few organic products. Finally after losing hope, I was introduced to Down To Earth by a close friend. I started using the Clear Skin Gel and within days I could feel and see results. Down To Earth has given me confidence and no need to hide away.
    Celia Evans, professional hockey player
  • Madelaine
    I was struggling to get a perfect moisturiser for my skin. I just couldn't get something that worked for me. Since I started to use the Revive Moisturiser I never looked back. I have been using it for almost 2 years now. I am one very satisfied customer!! I even use the Clear Skin Gel for a lot of stuff, it works perfect on my children's skin as well. It even helps with acne with my oldest boy. These products are just AMAZING.
  • Catherine Gray East London
    My daughter suffered terribly with acne and we decided to try the African Potato Cream. My mother introduced the product (she sells it in her beauty salon) and requested that we take photos to show her clients. The scary part is that the improvement was so drastic and quick that many of her clients thought it was not real, i.e. edited by photo shop etc. A year later she is still pimple free, never mind acne free. She continues to use your products.
    Catherine Gray East London
  • Jean Smith Durham, England
    I have suffered for years with arthritic pain. While on holiday in South Africa I was desperate, and although sceptical, tried the African Potato Cream. It was like a miracle. Now I use it constantly and have experienced wonderful relief from pain.
    Jean Smith Durham, England
  • Radha Pillay
    I was suffering from terrible arthritis for years and was in agony from the waist down. After being off work for three weeks, a friend suggested I try the African Potato Cream. I experienced fantastic results. No more days off work and I’m free to enjoy my life. Who knew that you could simply rub your pain away? It really works!
    Radha Pillay
  • Anne Grocott
    The Clear Skin Gel works very well on the scalp and controls the itch of psoriasis remarkably well. The scalp lesions have developed into wart-like lumps as have some on the body. The gel seems to be reducing these in size.
    Anne Grocott
  • This is the third time i'm purchasing pure emu oil. I love how its help to moisturize my skin and helps my eczema.
  • I've used emu oil for several years for eczema, burns and rashes! I recently found a new use for it eye infections! After my kids and I went to the doctor for one round of antibiotics, the eye infection came back and !didn't want to keep repeating the antibiotics. I decided to try emu oil instead, and the next morning it was sigaibantly better and completely gone by the next day! Great product:
  • Came across Emu oil on the website and was very eager to try it on my son, whose eczema flares up on both hands esp. his elbows and both legs esp. behind his knees. Purchased the Emu Oil and liquid wash on 6 June. After applying the Emu Oil and using the liquid wash for just a few days, I can see results on him. His skin on those areas are not so rough and thick now. My son also told me that he don't feel itchy now. I am so glad that have found a great and natural product to treat his skin condition. Greatly recommended!!!
  • Repeat purchase of emu oil from emu tracks. Worked fast in moisturising my overly dry ankles after an overseas trip. Bought a 250ml this time.
    YG Chua
  • The result was pretty amazing! .. first few days did not really show any differences compared to other products but after a week, I realised I only applied the lip balm twice on my lips. This shows that the product really moisturise my lips very well, at least it reduces my peeling and dry lips. Although my eczema might still be there, but this product can really soothes it.
  • Have been suffering from eczema since childhood. Tried "Emu Tracks Pure Emu Oil" and found it nourishing at first application. It is nothing like the many eczema moisturisers and topical creams I have tried before. Glad to have Nature Sanctuary import this product into Singapore. Highly recommended!
    Jerome Lim
  • Bought emu oil moisturiser and it was an excellent product. I wore it every night before sleep, and the following morning my face is firmer. It also helps reduces any pimples on my face!
  • medications and found bio active emu oil online. After applying several times a day for two days I started to see some improvements such as reduced itchiness. The rashes began to pale and get smaller. It works better and the effects last longer than other lotions and creams I had tried. Thank you!
    Choon Khee
  • I have using this for the past 2 yrs. The emu oil got rid of my milia seeds and keep my occasional breakout at bay. What matters is that it works!
  • Initially I bought emu oil in an attempt to curb the bad rash / eczema ravaging calves and the best part was the rash did miraculously go away when all other medicinal creams / lotions / etc had failed...2 thumbs up! 'So I must. say...this is a really excellent product! and I will continue to use it from I now onwards!
  • Its really good. No need to waste money buying expensive products...good for neck wrinkles.
  • i have red patches on my forehead and chapped above my upper lips. Tried emu oil it improves in few days time. No more chapped on my upper lips & no more patches on my forehead. plan to get a bigger bottle and considering getting capsule type as i have very dry skin.
    Yean Tan
  • This is good! After using Emu oil, my face look brighter and younger. .
  • This is third time I'm purchasing the pure emu oil. I love how it helps to moisturize my skin and help my eczema.
  • I had a bad shoulder strain from my gym workout last evening and I decided to rub the Liniment oil on it. And to my surprise, the strain is gone this morning and I am left with just normal muscle aches. More to that, I woke up with a stiff right knee and seeing the effect of the Liniment on my shoulder, I decided to apply my the stiff knee and after about 3mins of massage, the stiffness is gone! The Emu Oil Liniment is so amazing and I am going to make it my post workout massage oil! Thank you for bringing in such good product!
    Alexis Kam
  • Firstly, I tried it on myself for my rashes on my finger because I always wash my hands. It helps me heal and I also taking the capsules with emu improved a lot though through the process you still see rashes on and off but it does do me good on the capsules. So I recommended to my little Brother, who constantly have both hand with very dry skin, it worked wonders on he has less dry skin and make him feel better and he is not shy to shake his hand with his client anymore. I also try the Liniment and Hand Liquid Wash, it helped me relieve pain for my muscle n joint. So I recommend my in law. She is very happy with it and requested that I purchase for her again.
  • Have been using the pure emu oil for my rashes and acne. After 3 days of application, acne has subsided tremendously! Just apply a little on the affected areas before going to bed and after your skincare regime. Great product! Will continue to purchase in future.
  • I suffered from bad eczema and tried many different products but none of them seemed to work. I came across Emu oil and decided to just give it a shot. Within a week my eczema begin to heal and dark marks started to lighten too. Very happy with my results!
  • Emu oil really worked like a miracle! It calmed the rashes, slowly healed acne & lighten the red scars. It is so much better now! Will continue to use it, hope all the red scars & acne will be gone. Thanks to emu oil, will recommend to friend & those who suffer like me. Can give it a try, it's really works!
  • Great product, highly recommended!
  • My kid suffered Eczema since Feb 2017 , wrongly diagnosed as HFMD. Doc kept giving steroid cream and worried me lots as she is only 2 years old, further there is no family history Eczema. Steroid doesn't even help in reducing eczema. Thanks to neighbour recommendation. Huge difference! The eczema didn't spread like other products we purchased. My girl even offered to apply the oil on herself as emu oil does not sting her skin. Even her teachers were surprised that it subsided. I'm super satisfied with the results and purchasing more varieties of Emu Products i.e shampoo for her to try out.
  • I have been using emu oil for the past 3 years. It helped to soothe rashes an eczema effectively. Excellent for very dry skin. Recently, I used it to soothe my mum's facial nerve pains. It was effective in relieving her pain agony! Thank you. I have recommended this product to my friends.
  • I have seen dermatologist and spent hundreds of dollars, but my hand contact dermatitis eczema did not get better. Using this for 3 weeks has reduced new breakouts, contain and heal 65% of the hand's eczema. Buying this to keep in office!
  • Repeat purchase of emu oil from Nature Sanctuary. Worked fast in moisturising my overly dry ankles after an overseas trip. Bought a 250ml this time.
  • Read about the good review of Bio-Active Emu Oil and decided to purchase 1 bottle for my daughter's Eczema (20th Mar.). Within 1 week of application (3times in a day), we can see good Improvements on the skin especially behind the knee. where Eczema flares up often. This is the only product which I see the result as compared to other moisturisers for eczema. Bought another bottle on 5th. Apr
  • Yes, no more eczema since the last time I used it in Oct 2015... till now, no signs of eczema... no red rashes, no itchiness. I used to have serious peelings and bleedings cos of the rashes and scratches from the itchiness and heat. On a scale of 1-10, i would rate the seriousness of my eczema at 9 cos of how it affected my work. Colleagues, students, parents, friends and relatives would aways notice my arms once they saw me. And the discomfort always made me short tempered and easily irritable. There is now only light patch from the continual scratching back then and I have not met my nemesis since the last usage in October last year.
  • Always fast delivery !! My 4th purchase with Nature Sanctuary. This time bought value pack of 3 x 200 ml Hand & Body Wash, a lot cheaper. Use this for cleansing then use the bio-active oil. After just a month my hands have 99% recovered !! Will continue to use it for next 3 months just to ensure no recurrence!!
  • Repeat purchase - Mum feedback that balm is effective for her joint pain. Emu oil is for child with eczema. She applied diligently, 4x per day, and it dried up on day 4.
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