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One midnight in 1997, our infant first born was warded for a week in hospital due to a stubborn high fever. 


It was heart wrenching to watch nurses gently immerse him in a steel tub of water at room temperature which was then slowly drained away, replaced by cold water from a running tap. As if this was not enough, trays of ice cubes were added to try and bring our, by now screaming, baby’s temperature down.


I suffer from poor skin conditions like acne, dry & itchy skin from young. The skin on my fingers itch, flak and bleed. After applying emu oil, the results speak for itself. It is amazing! Now I use the Liquid Wash and consume Emu Oil Capsules as they do not contain chemicals and are good for my skin, hair, nails and heart.

Before & After | Emu Oil Helps Dry & Itchy Skin
When I was struck with DDD (Degenerative Disc Disorder), it was very painful for me. Surgery carries high risk and the worst case scenario is to be wheelchair bound. I don't want my family to suffer taking care of me. I found that physiotherapy (& Liniment) does help! After 3 years of hard work, I recovered from DDD. I encourage your Grandpa & Grandma, parents to get healthier. If I can do it (overcome pain), they can too!

Uncle William (74yr old) Uses Liniment
My knee was very painful and swollen. I needed a walking stick or umbrella as walking aid. I consulted 3 doctors, TCM and went for massage therapy but it got worse. The doctor gave me an appointment for surgery on 15 Aug 2017. When I googled about Emu Oil, I tried the Emu Oil Balm and Capsules for 3 weeks. It was good for me! Now, I can walk without pain or walking aids. I recommended my sisters and friends to use Emu Tracks Emu Oil products.

Emu Oil Balm & Capsules helped Mary Avoid Knee Surgery
It is very effective for me. The next day, all my muscle tension is released.

Daniel Wong. Ex-National Rower Uses Liniment


How to Treat Hand Eczema Naturally

Hand eczema can be very distressing as most of the tasks we do are dependent on our hands. To add the fact that hand eczema can be very painful and itchy, it can also lead to significant social stress as well since hands are not easily concealed and are often out and in front of […]

Bleach Bath Alternatives for Eczema Relief

“Rachel Oberlin is a Registered Nurse and mom of two children who were healed from significant eczema through an integrative approach. Rachel is the author at EczemaMom.com, where she shares her family’s story, research-based articles, and helpful products.” Have you heard of bleach baths? Bleach baths, essentially bathing in a very diluted bleach solution, are […]

Rachel Oberlin: Eczema Mom Story

Do you suffer from eczema? Can you can relate to this scenario? Red scaly skin, constantly itching, flare-ups that seemingly come at random, keeping your skin covered year-round, no matter the weather. That scenario is very real to me because that was my family, my kids, until we found a way for them to get […]

How to Use Wet Wrap Therapy for Eczema

Looking for something to relieve the nagging itch and dry, flaky skin of eczema? Wet wrap therapy targets these exact symptoms. Although wet wraps aren’t a cure for eczema, when used consistently, they can provide amazing relief! My son benefitted from wet wrap therapy as a baby. We were introduced to wet wraps when he […]

Topical Steroids 101

By Rachel Oberlin Rachel Oberlin is a Registered Nurse and mom of two children who were healed from significant eczema through an integrative approach. Rachel is the author at EczemaMom.com, where she shares her family’s story, research-based articles, and helpful products.” Topical Steroids&Eczema: Helpful or Harmful? Topical steroids (corticosteroids) are the most commonly prescribed treatment […]

Can Sun Exposure Help Eczema?

If you are struggling with eczema, your tendency may be to keep your skin covered all the time. Covering affected skin with cotton or other light clothing can be a comfort as well as decrease the urge to scratch. And those beyond the baby and toddler years who have a sense of social awareness may […]

Eczema and Exercise

For many with eczema (atopic dermatitis), there are various difficulties to maintaining a regular exercise routine. Maybe you can relate to the struggle of wanting to stay fit but dreading the discomfort that comes from itchy and perhaps painful eczema as you get moving. However, there are numerous ways in which exercise benefits the body- […]

Eczema and Mental Health

Can You Relate? Have you felt like there is no end to the itching and pain of eczema? Have you lost sleep at night due to itching and discomfort? Have you felt alone, like no one understands the seriousness of your condition and how life-dominating it is? Have you ever felt incredibly frustrated/angry because a […]

Eczema and Mental Health: Caring for a Child with Eczema

One of the most difficult things I’ve ever gone through was caring for my son as a baby/toddler with severe eczema. I was trying everything I could to relieve the itchiness and pain, yet my son was suffering. I was sometimes at my whit’s end, not knowing what I could do to help my precious […]

Hives Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Hives Symptoms Hives or Urticaria is the reaction of the immune system in response to allergens by releasing a protein called histamine in the bloodstream. This causes tiny blood capillaries to swell and leak plasma which result in the skin being covered in red, itchy rashes of varying shapes and sizes. They can be larger […]