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 About Us

One midnight in 1997, our infant first born was warded for a week in hospital due to a stubborn high fever.


It was heart wrenching to watch nurses gently immerse him in a steel tub of water at room temperature which was then slowly drained away, replaced by cold water from a running tap. As if this was not enough, trays of ice cubes were added to try and bring our, by now screaming, baby’s temperature down.

This was our initiation to a tumultuous first year of parenthood.

Needless to say, the fever was followed by a cold, runny nose, sore throat then fever again due to throat infection. It was a (antibiotic ;)) cycle that repeated often and we’d be fortunate if the cycle was broken then, however, it was frequently passed on to the next child or even to the exhausted parent(s) whose immunity has been eroded.

I know many parents can certainly identify with what I am talking about. Diagnosed with asthma & eczema as well, parenting our first born became an education. We resolved to find answers on health and natural healing.

Looking back, these episodes were blessings in disguise. 

And research we did. Many of the information, tips and advice you find here are scoured from many books, websites, scholarly articles, experts and practitioners. We have invested countless hours and resources also to test these products for our family.

Frankly, the birth of this business was incidental. All the products are currently used in our family as well as many friends. In a way, we (and they) have been your ‘guinea pigs’. So, no animal testing was done and none is required!

Meaning. Purpose. Mission

It is not business as usual. In fact, we do not treat what we do as ‘just business’ at all! We are a husband and wife team who have personally encountered health challenges or that of loved ones, so we are most likely able to identify with how you are feeling. Many of the products we sourced are for our own family use. We hope they will be helpful to you too.

We find that what we do is meaningful because we are helping others discover health through natural means. As a result, when we see others attain results for their long standing health issues, we get so energised by their positive reviews. This cements our sense of purpose.

Our mission is to make available the effective, tried & tested natural, traditional solutions of different cultures to the awareness of the masses.

Our Believe 

We believe the world of nature that our Creator made holds creative, natural healing solutions for all of humankind. Our selection of products are rooted in proven medicinal traditions of various cultures yet supported by medical research.


To get healthy the natural way, it is important to make sure our food and ingredients of the products we use come from quality sources. The preparation and formulations must also adhere to stringent standards to preserve efficacy, bioactivity and absorption properties. We ensure safety, purity and potency of our products for our loved ones and customers.



We want to be a force for good and have greater impact. Therefore, our products are effective and affordable for the masses.



All our products are 100% free from steroids, petrochemicals, additives & fragrances. We always recommend first trying natural remedies that are non-invasive.