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COVID-19 Survival Kit During A Lockdown


What Happens In A Family During A Lock Down?

Who knew staying at home with your family for extended periods of time could be so difficult during a lockdown?

Here’s why and we propose some helpful tips to keep all members of the family happy.

Why is it so stressful to be home now?

Dad’s and Mom’s company (in a dual income family), whether government agencies or businesses, have to make seismic and immediate adaptations to working from home (WFH) arrangements.

Work has to adjust to a new reality, to stay productive to keep businesses running and the team engaged, whilst everyone is dispersed geographically.

(Did you catch the funny post of how DBS senior management sang a rock song to cheer their staff? Grateful they don’t sing for a living😉)

Meanwhile, loved ones like children, their grandparents, or in-laws whom you used to see only several hours after work daily are no longer in your peripheral vision.

You feel the need to add them to your management duties and responsibilities and the pressure mounts!

Suddenly, it’s hard to have a pantry break or engage in small talk with an adult.

Stay home Moms are not having it any easier!

Daily routine previously included going outdoors for the daily market errands, tea with friends, or some peace and quiet after the husbands and children are out.

The reality now is a 24/7 physical, mental, and emotional engagement trying to juggle everyone’s needs in the home, yet recognizing each member’s need for space.

COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t discriminate, adult and children alike feel the strain and stress of a lockdown.

Read up on the symptoms and source of stress that comes with working from home.

Survival Tip 1: Sleeping and Waking Early

This is a great habit to cultivate with or without the lockdown.

However, with the lockdown and WFH arrangements, it is tempting to replace commuting time for more sleep.

Nothing wrong with sleeping more, but we recommend you sleep early than wake up later.

Waking up earlier than the other family members in the morning as a routine helps to set the mood for the day.

Relish that quality time being by yourself, which is now harder to come by, sipping coffee, or simply just enjoying the calm and quiet ambience of the still house.

It is common for office warriors to complain they are not able to fall asleep when they are in bed early even though they are dead tired at night.

The following are common ways to help you get an early night of restful sleep:

  • Take a warm shower two hours before you intend to sleep as it improves the quality and efficiency of your sleep.
  • Get into bed an hour before you want to sleep.
  • Create a cosy, relaxed setting and unwind by doing activities that bring you into your own chill zone.
  • Light scented candles, meditate or simply reading a book while playing your favourite soothing music.
  • Disengage mentally and emotionally from the day’s going-ons.

Do not:

  • Flip the TV channels
  • Watch a horror or exciting movie on Netflix
  • Scan social media posts or news
  • Reply chats and emails, work-related or otherwise

Survival Tip 2: Virtual Is Now Reality

Almost every family member’s idea of work, school, and even religious gathering has been turned upside down.

In this lockdown, our approach to work, interactions with people, collaborations have been taken into the virtual world with the use of technology.

Zoom and Whatsapp Facetime calls are the new buzz words, even grandmas are using them.

You could do a group video call and even play games virtually through the popular app “Houseparty”.

Constant chatter is not even necessary as you can Livestream yourself doing random activities around the house with your friends!

For office warriors and students who needs a quiet corner to be seen and heard:

  • Find an appropriate corner. Is it quiet enough? Is it too near the toilet? What’s the backdrop? Is there a power source in case my laptop/handphone battery dies? Lighting?
  • Start the Zoom session early and test everything ahead.
  • Encourage video conferencing for better engagement.
  • Learn to use the features well eg share screen, multi participant gallery, mute/video on and off buttons.
  • If you are using a handphone, place it on a table or stand so it’s not difficult see and listen to you.
  • Be calm, pleasant and genuinely learn to enjoy this new normal.


Survival Tip 3: Creative Ideas For The Family

Do a google search for indoor activities and you will be deluged with ideas!

Here are some:

  1. Family movie marathon on Netflix. Fancy dress up for the movie themes!
  2. Karaoke night
  3. Learn a new language, or musical instrument
  4. If you have a VR Viewer, tour ancient cities of the world!
  5. Paint, Cook, Bake together
  6. Check out Google’s arts and culture collections
  7. Do HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) together
  8. Try fitness challenges
  9. Arrange virtual home parties. Zoom your meals with other families!
  10. Dust off the board games, or explore new ones
  11. Clean and declutter the room or house. Photograph the Before & After.
  12. Volunteer, raise funds for the needy
  13. Learn first aid/ understand nutrition
  14. Play online games with your kids. From wacky ones to strategy games for older kids.
  15. Plan for the holiday when this lockdown is over

Those with younger children check out more wild ideas to burn calories.



Survival Tip 4: Keep Calm. Set Aside Me Time.

If you are the ‘fortunate few’ that WFH arrangements fail and you are on mandated paid leave from work, it’s a great opportunity to fill your day with meaningful activities and interactions!

  1. Interact with your neighbours from over a fence, balcony or corridor.
  2. Check-in with your friends, family, and neighbours regularly over Whatsapp Facetime or Zoom.
  3. Assist family, friends, or neighbours who may be more vulnerable.
  4. Purposefully spend time connecting with loved ones.
  5. Improve your existing relationships by intentionally communicating better.
  6. Show empathy, patience, kindness, and love to all you interact with physically and virtually.
  7. Call a long time friend you had always wanted to but never found time.
  8. Plan out your day or week to schedule calls ahead of time.
  9. Plan some fun meal ideas or surprise orders for the family.
  10. Sort out your mailbox, photos.
  11. Update your bucket list.
  12. Organise your bills and paperwork.
  13. Clear space on your phone or cloud storage.
  14. Give yourself a much needed me time. Read. Rest. Sleep. Rejuvenate. Pray.


Bonus Tip: Couple Home Spa

Bring out the scented candles chucked in corner of your store (you bought but never found time to use).

Switch on your favourite music after a nice warm shower 2 hours before bedtime.

Pick up the book that you have been meaning to read since who knows when.

Give each other a muscle rub down with Emu Tracks Liniment.

Emu Oil Liniment -front

The liniment is easily absorbed into the body without leaving an oily or sticky residue.

Moreover, the star ingredient, Emu Oil, is anti-inflammatory can help improve circulation and relieve muscle tightness especially after an extraordinarily long day of non-stop interactions with family.

For ladies who are not able to visit the facial salons and spas during the lockdown period, see visible results from using Emu Tracks Moisturiser.

Emu Oil 2-Step Moisturising Regime of Stars

Emu Oil 2-Step Moisturising Regime of Stars

The Emu Tracks Moisturiser contains 100% natural Pure Emu Oil derived from the emu bird in Australia. It is combined with other plant extracts like Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Chamomile Extract, Rose Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract.

It is able to:

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines,

Revitalise and rejuvenate the skin,

Promotes radiant skin and

Soothe skin and aid in reducing itch and dryness.

For best results:

Apply Moisturiser immediately after face wash.

Dab Pure Emu Oil on selected dry, spotted, or wrinkled areas 15mins before sleep.