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Omega 3, 6 & 9 Facts & Myths You Should Know

1. What are omega 3, 6 9 essential fatty acids?
Our bodies cannot produce Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, that is why they’re called “essential.”

On the other hand, Omega 9 is produced by our bodies and therefore considered non-essential fatty acids. However, it does not mean that we do not need them.

Reduced-fat products and low-fat diets have become trendy because dietary fats have gained a bad reputation.

Getting enough dietary fat and essential fatty acids in our diet are crucial to maintaining optimal health.

Things You Need To Know About Hives, Rash & Red Patches

Anyone can get hives.
It can hit you out of the blue after a delicious meal. Suddenly, you see a raised bump on your face!
You are happily riding your bicycle over a bumpy road and your palms start to itch. You wonder why?
Sometimes it itches, other times it turns from pink to red and seems to spread from a small spot to a red patch that resembles an ‘island’.
If you are a seasoned sufferer of hives, you can feel it coming and you kind of expect it.
But if you have never had hives, the red patch that feels like a rash can cause some distress especially if it appears on visible parts of the body such as red patches on your face.
This writer gets small red patches under the eye(s) whenever an allergic reaction is triggered by the food that he consumes. The spot of red patch on his face can ‘grow’, if it is severe at times, such that the whole eye(s) looks swollen. And yes, the writer himself can feel it as it happens.
Is it a rash? Is it eczema? It is Hives!

Everything About Neck Pain, Symptoms, Causes and How To Treat It.

Neck pains are rarely anything sinister, often resolving themselves after some rest, stretching or rubbing some ointment. 

However, if your neck pain symptoms last for more than several weeks or are sudden and unexplained, consult a medical professional. Especially if the neck pain leads to headaches, numbness, weakness, and shooting pain to your shoulders or down your arms.  

There are more symptoms that warrant consulting a doctor. Read on.