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Everything About Neck Pain, Symptoms, Causes and How To Treat It.

Neck pains are rarely anything sinister, often resolving themselves after some rest, stretching or rubbing some ointment. 

However, if your neck pain symptoms last for more than several weeks or are sudden and unexplained, consult a medical professional. Especially if the neck pain leads to headaches, numbness, weakness, and shooting pain to your shoulders or down your arms.  

There are more symptoms that warrant consulting a doctor. Read on. 

What Are The Symptoms, Causes and Treatments Rheumatoid Arthritis & JIA.

Common symptoms of RA can start very slowly and may be mistaken for injury, signs of aging or just general achiness from overuse.

In Greek, Arthritis is a combination of Joint and Inflammation. So, arthritis is simply the inflammation of one or more joints in the body caused by an immune disorder.  

An autoimmune disease is when the body attacks its own tissues. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system attacks the membrane lining around joints that helps to lubricate them. 

When this tissue, called Synovium, gets inflamed, it thickens and the joint feels painful and tender to the touch. It will look red, swell, and restrict the movement of the joint. 

What You Wanted To Know About Eczema But Afraid To Ask

Perhaps you have made numerous visits to the dermatologist for eczema or brought your child there as a baby suffering from eczema but you still have lots of nagging questions.

Sometimes seeing a doctor can be intimidating so you held back from asking some questions you may have.

Having a good understanding of what causes eczema and the common symptoms of eczema goes a long way to managing it.

And the good news is, there are natural home remedies for eczema.

The Complete Guide To Knee Pain. Causes and Remedies

What is stopping you from enjoying a stroll at the beach or park?

Have you ever experienced squatting for a task and not being able to get up?

Have you ever watched a neighbourhood soccer game enviously because an older ‘uncle’ looked so agile and fit?

If the above scenarios are familiar, are you suffering from knee pain?

Even though you have led an active life and believe that being active is healthy for the rest of your body, knee pain can put a full stop to everything.