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Topical Steroids 101

By Rachel Oberlin Rachel Oberlin is a Registered Nurse and mom of two children who were healed from significant eczema through an integrative approach. Rachel is the author at EczemaMom.com, where she shares her family’s story, research-based articles, and helpful products.” Topical Steroids & Eczema: Helpful or Harmful? Topical steroids (corticosteroids) are the most commonly […]

How to Use Wet Wrap Therapy for Eczema

Looking for something to relieve the nagging itch and dry, flaky skin of eczema? Wet wrap therapy targets these exact symptoms. Although wet wraps aren’t a cure for eczema, when used consistently, they can provide amazing relief! My son benefitted from wet wrap therapy as a baby. We were introduced to wet wraps when he […]

Elderly Skincare Conditions: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Elderly skin conditions & symptoms There are days you feel the itch is unbearable and your skin feels dry and rough. Sometimes you discover blue and black bruises or injured skin which you do not recall hurting yourself. When you look at the mirror, the fine lines around the eyes are more pronounced and the […]

How to Treat Hand Eczema Naturally

Hand eczema can be very distressing as most of the tasks we do are dependent on our hands. To add the fact that hand eczema can be very painful and itchy, it can also lead to significant social stress as well since hands are not easily concealed and are often out and in front of […]