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Rachel Oberlin: Eczema Mom Story

Do you suffer from eczema? Can you can relate to this scenario? Red scaly skin, constantly itching, flare-ups that seemingly come at random, keeping your skin covered year-round, no matter the weather. That scenario is very real to me because that was my family, my kids, until we found a way for them to get rid of eczema.

I’d like to share our story with you. My name is Rachel Oberlin. I’m a Registered Nurse and mom to two children who recovered from eczema, one of my children having a very severe case. I’m also the owner and blogger at EczemaMom.com, a site devoted to providing solutions for lasting healing to those struggling with eczema.

My first experience with eczema was when my first-born, my daughter Carissa, was diagnosed with the condition at three months old. Our family doctor sent us to a dermatologist who prescribed steroid cream which worked like magic, but two weeks later when we stopped as directed by the doctor, the eczema only came back and worse than before. I could see that steroid creams were not a long-term solution and I wanted to get to the root of the problem.

After trying many eczema creams and remedies without success, when Carissa was a year old, I discovered that Carissa’s eczema was related to eating dairy products.
After eliminating dairy from Carissa’s diet, her eczema cleared up dramatically in less than a week.
Thankfully, after two years off of dairy, Carissa could again eat it without any flare up.

Shortly after Carissa’s eczema was resolved, my son Isaiah was born, sending our family on an even more intense struggle with eczema.

When he was five months old, Isaiah had eczema on his cheeks and arms. I tried many common eczema creams as well as natural moisturizers like coconut oil, but nothing really reduced the eczema. Because my daughter’s eczema was very related to food, I suspected this about my son as well.

So I eliminated eczema food triggers like dairy, gluten, eggs, and nuts from Isaiah’s diet, but unfortunately Isaiah’s eczema kept progressing.

At seven months of age, eczema covered Isaiah’s body and he also developed chronic diarrhea and malabsorption of food, which resulted in weight loss and put him in the hospital for two weeks. The road to recovery was long and difficult. At that time, a blood allergy test showed Isaiah was allergic to multiple food and environmental allergens, as we had suspected.

The feelings of helplessness were very intense for me and my husband as our son was suffering. Maybe you’ve felt that desperation too. Our doctors offered steroid creams to control the eczema, but could not offer hope for getting to the root problem and actually eliminating eczema.

Yet, I felt like there was a way. It seemed like I was just missing the information that could help us. I continued to research online and finally found information about the connection of the gastrointestinal system and the skin.

I learned about “leaky gut” and how a damaged GI tract and an imbalance of gut bacteria can result in eczema. This made perfect sense to us as my son struggled with both eczema and gut issues. So, my new focus became healing my son’s skin from the inside out.

Although there was now hope for true healing, it was still a process of time for Isaiah, who was so sick.

During the following year, I used diet as a tool extensively, focusing on feeding my son healing foods and avoiding triggers. I used natural soothing creams and oils for his skin. I found wet wraps were a helpful tool for skin healing. I also changed the household products and laundry soap we used.

When Isaiah was a year old, our family moved overseas for work and the new environment brought some improvement for Isaiah. His GI problems had resolved through diet and although there were many ups and downs with his eczema, little by little it kept improving. Isaiah was finally was able to wear clothing that exposed his arms and legs rather than living in cotton pajamas all the time.

Eczema no longer covered Isaiah’s body, but patches in his elbow and knees and on his cheeks were still constantly itchy. When Isaiah was two years old, we finally had another breakthrough when a new doctor noted that the eczema was infected. Frankly, we were surprised, because his eczema looked much the same as it had for some time. Treatment with a topical antibacterial along with a soothing ointment cleared up the eczema quite dramatically.

After moving back to the United States in the summer of 2016, Isaiah’s eczema was nearly clear. He only experienced some eczema spots during seasons high in pollen.We were so grateful! Carissa and Isaiah are now enjoying skin 100% free of eczema.

If you or someone you loveis struggling with eczema, I want you to know there is hope for healing. It is not easy. It will take time and perseverance. It will require
making changes. But it is possible for you too! I hope the resources and information at EczemaMom.com will help you find eczema-free living too! If you have a question for me, please private message to ilovenatural.store. I would love to hear from you!