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What’s Your Health Need for Today?

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Skin Care

Are you suffering from a painful skin condition, scarring, rashes, hives, wounds or dry and itchy skin? Discover how our range of emu oil products can help relieve skin that is dry, irritated or sensitive. They are steroid-free and an all-natural alternative. Follow our three step solution here for healthier skin.
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Joint & Muscle Health

Do you suffer from joint and muscle aches, arthritis, or other chronic pain conditions? Emu oil has anti-inflammatory and beneficial properties that may aid with pain management. Find out more in our two step plan to improve joint and muscle health.

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Face Care

Our faces are how others often recognise us by, and our facial skin health can impact our self-esteem. Acne, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, facial scars and more, can be a source of endless frustration. Discover how emu oil can slow aging and relieve painful skin conditions.
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Hair Care

Our hair and scalp health are connected, and each can be the cause or effect of either. Hair loss, hairline eczema, split ends, and dry, frizzy or brittle hair can be depressing. Our range of Emu Tracks bath and body products are particularly suitable for people with sensitive hair and scalp.
Health Focus - Young Mums and General Family Wellness Icon

Family & Young Mothers

It is common for young mothers to experience painful or uncomfortable symptoms such as stretch marks, cracked nipples and keloids as a result from giving birth. Their babies, children or family may also suffer from conditions such as dry, itchy skin and insect bites. Find out how emu oil is superb for all these conditions.
Health Focus - Sports and Recovery Icon

Sports & Recovery

Sports injuries, sprains, strains and aches are frustrating, painful, and slows you down from your everyday routines. Pain can be anywhere in your body; from your neck, shoulder and back, to legs, arms, muscles and joints. Discover our range of emu oil products that can help you heal better, so you can get back into your game.

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    Pure Emu Oil 50ml

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    Emu Oil Balm 95g

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    3x100ml Pure Emu Oil

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    Emu Oil Moisturiser 55g

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    Shampoo & Wash

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    Liquid Hand & Body Wash

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    Ultra Mild Shampoo

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Testimonials from Happy Customers

Delivery is fast. My mum has pain in both her feet and could hardly move her toes. After applying emu oil for 2 months, her condition has improved and she can now wriggle her toes.

Wong Ming Hwei
Good product for my girl's sensitive scalp

Qoo10, Irene
User of product. It has helped my scalp issue.

Qoo10, Jassq
Been using this whenever my baby has flares of rashes, even when it's all over the body. Great product for relieving rashes.

Qoo10, Vincii77
My review after abt 2 weeks trial. Saw improvement on my boy ezcema. So glad to see redness reduced significantly. Hope it will continue to heal n improve on his skin condition. As for me i tried on my face. Stuborn line on my nose bridge has disappeared. Skin has brightened than before. Hope seller will give more discount.

Qoo10, Cassy L.
Received in gd condition. Repeated purchase for baby & toddler sensitive skin at times for rashes or ezcema.

Qoo10, Sofia Ch