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Facial Skin Problems

Are you suffering from these?

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Hives
  • Dark Spots
  • Rashes
  • Scarring
  • Burns
  • Dry and Itchy Skin


3 Simple Steps To Slow Aging

Emu Oil Liquid Wash
Pure Emu Oil
Emu Oil Capsules
Step 1
Emu Oil Liquid Wash
Use Emu Tracks Liquid Wash for face, body & hands. It helps to calm and soothe skin and does not strip it of its natural oil during washing. Formulated with Pure Emu Oil and plant extracts. 100% natural & free from soap & harsh chemicals.
Step 2
Pure Emu Oil
Dab Emu Tracks Pure Emu Oil on affected areas with wrinkles or dark spots after applying Emu Oil Moisturiser. Apply 3-5 times daily or whenever necessary if skin is dry/sensitive/irritated.
Step 3
Emu Oil Capsules
Optional: Emu oil can also be taken orally. It is a source of Omega 3,6,7,9 & K2. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Take 3 capsules 2-3x daily until condition improves. Take 3 capsules a day for daily maintenance.

Beauty Secret of Hollywood Stars

Emu Oil, used by the aborigines of Australia for centuries, has been hailed by Hollywood stars as their beauty secret to youthful skin.


Natural Source of Omega 3,6,7,& 9

Emu Oil is a rich natural source of essential fatty acids, Omega 3,6,7& 9 necessary for good health and well being.


Scientifically Proven to be Anti Inflammatory

Studies prove Emu Oil to be a potent anti inflammatory with superior penetrating ability to deliver its benefits deep under the skin fast.


Promotes Healthy Skin, Hair, Nails & Heart

Research shows that emu oil also provides the benefits of vitamins A, D, E, F & K2 for healthy, glowing skin & hair and strong cardiac health.


Australian Made & Owned.

Emu Tracks Emu Oil from the native farmed emus in Australia is rendered using a trademark process to preserve the therapeutic qualities of the oil.


Suitable for All Skin Types & Ages

Emu Oil is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive & delicate skin of babies, children & mature adults.

Featured Stories

Mdm Goh SC

Eczema Cleared In 4 Days

“In four days, itching and redness disappeared!”

Ms Suqi

Emu oil helped with acne & chickenpox scars

“Emu Tracks Emu Oil is the best!”


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Why Our Users Love It?

Non Steroidal

Emu Tracks Pure Emu Oil Products are fast acting & effective yet contains NO steroids. Users enjoy peace of mind using them constantly without fear of any long term side effects.

100% Pure & Natural

Emu Tracks Pure Emu Oil is registered with The Therapeutic Goods Administration, Dept of Health of the Australian Govt. All products are 100% Free from petrochemicals, additives & fragrances.

Non Surgical

Needles and surgeries are painful procedures for sufferers, this is made worse by costly, repeated consultations. Emu Oil Products are natural remedies, non-invasive & painless.

Cost Effective

You will be surprised how little it costs for true relief when you use Emu Tracks Emu Oil products. Especially if you have tried almost everything. Best of all, It Works!

About Emu Oil

What is Emu Oil?

Emu Oil is derived from the fat of Australian Emus. Historical records show that the Australian Aborigines have been using this wonderful oil for thousands of years to relieve skin problem, pains and wounds. The emu skin was hung from a tree and the fat and emu oil were extracted. Moreover, the skin was also used as a wrap on wounds and skin ailments, among others. The new settlers discovered the oil and after testing the oil’s reputed properties, propagated its use. Emu Oil is a naturally rich source of Omegas 3,6,7 & 9, these are essential fatty acids needed for optimum health but are not produced in the human body. Emu Oil also provides our body with necessary vitamins A, D, E, F & K2. Emu Tracks is proud to be the choice brand of emu oil used for research in universities and hospitals. Scientists have confirmed the many medicinal properties of emu oil and it’s varied use.

Why Emu Tracks?

Emu Tracks was founded on a commitment to producing the most natural range of emu oil products available, free of harsh petrochemicals, preservatives and additives. Emu Tracks is the only company in the world to produce Pure Emu Oil using a trademarked process of rendering, refining and manufacture of products in a fully integrated facility. This process maximises the therapeutic quality of the oil and ensures its superior quality. Emu Tracks is both ISO 9001 Quality Management and Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP) Certified.

How is it derived? 

Emu Oil is naturally derived from the fat of the Australian emu, a native flightless bird that resembles an ostrich. Only farm bred emus are used to produce emu oil and the birds are maintained in a free range environment. The birds are processed in licensed facilities and all by-products including the meat, leather, feathers and eggs are utilised. As a 100% natural pure oil that is not over processed, different batches of emu oil differ in colour (ranging form clear to milky), texture (liquid to creamy to slightly grainy) and viscosity (very liquid to slow flowing). Emu Tracks Pure Emu Oil guarantees the maximum therapeutic properties in emu oil.