Our Story

One midnight in 1997, our infant first born was warded for a week in hospital due to a stubborn high fever. It was heart wrenching to watch nurses gently immerse him in a steel tub of water at room temperature which was then slowly drained away, replaced by cold water from a running tap. As if this was not enough, trays of ice cubes were added to try and bring our, by now screaming, baby’s temperature down.
This was our initiation to a tumultuous first year of parenthood.
Needless to say, the fever was followed by a cold, runny nose, sore throat then fever again due to throat infection. It was a cycle that repeated often and we’d be fortunate if the cycle was broken then, however, it was frequently passed on to the next child or the exhausted parent(s) whose immunity has been eroded.
I know many parents can certainly identify with what I am talking about.
A trend we noticed then, was that our young son was prescribed ever increasing strength of antibiotics which sometimes trigger another cycle of bodily reaction such as Diarrhoea.

Looking back, these episodes were blessings in disguise because it gave us the resolve to find answers to some of our burning questions on health and natural healing.

And research we did. Many of the information, tips and advice you find here are scoured from many books, websites, scholarly articles, experts and practitioners. We have invested countless hours and resources also to test these products for our family.

Frankly, the birth of this business was incidental. All the products are currently used in our family as well as many friends. In a way, we (and they) have been your ‘guinea pigs’.
So, no animal testing was done and none is required! 😉

Our Mission

Helping People Attain Wellness Through Ingredients In Nature

Our Believe

We believe in letting mother nature mother us!
That with the right knowledge, we can use the ingredients that nature has provided, in its pure, natural and unadulterated form, to treat many of the common (and some uncommon) ailments we face today.

We believe in using products that contains the best quality ingredients and produced using methods that ensure their therapeutic qualities are optimised.

Finally, we believe in recommending only what we would use ourselves!