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Microbiome Series

Every ingredient that touches the skin can impact the delicate microbiome balance, we created a microbiome-friendly skincare line that incorporates carefully selected and tested ingredients. This ensures that our finished products supports the skin microbiome diversity. Our skincare line aims to restore the delicate balance of your skin microbiome, enhance your skin health, and make your skin calmer and more radiant.

Our skin microbiome-friendly range contains:


Ingredients that feed bacteria e.g. alpha/beta glucans, sugars, inuline and maltodextrin.


Are fractions and by-products of bacteria which enhances the skin microbiome e.g. lactic acid, bacteria lysate, fermented actives.

Plant Actives.

which improve over all skin health and hydra-tion. ALL our functional ingredients are tested to be skin microbiome-friendly.

Benefits of the Skin Microbiome Friendly products

  • Skin Repair
  • Skin Protection
  • Increased Moisturization
  • Skin Radiance
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Calm and Soothed Skin
100% free from petrol-chemically derived ingredients


For a calmer, Radiant & Healthier Skin…


Soothing Moisturiser



Soothing Moisturiser



Soothing Moisturiser


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Our Partners

Our partners have worked with us to reach out to more people with skin and pain conditions and their support has been vital in achieving our Mission and Vision