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    By: Mark’s Recovery Using Emu Oil Balm & Liniment
    Mark Lee is a seasoned Ironman triathlete and taken part in many events in Singapore and the region. Often training long hours, he follows a regime for muscle recovery. His mom recommended him to use the Emu Oil Balm and he was amazed at the results. Today he uses the Balm after a hard workout and brings the Liniment for his sports massage before races.

    By: Mdm Goh’s 4-Day Eczema Cure
    Mdm Goh had eczema on her neck. Her daughter gave her a bottle of Pure Emu Oil to apply. Within 4 days, her eczema itch & redness disappeared. She is so convinced of Emu Oil's effectiveness that she asked her daughter to buy for her friends who have dry and itchy skin.

    By: TCM Dr Tan Recommends Balm & Capsules For Pain Relief
    TCM Dr Tan recommends applying Emu Oil Balm for arthritic, muscle, and joint pains. If preferred, Liniment from Emu Tracks serves the same purpose to relieve pain, tightness, and swelling. If pain is chronic, consuming Emu Oil Capsules orally can speed up recovery.

    By: TCM Dr Tan Recommends Emu Oil For Skin Problems
    Dr Tan from Spring Link Health TCM in Singapore recommends Pure Emu Oil for topical application for eczema itch, dry and cracked skin. Also, sensitive skin might react to harsh chemicals in common body care products like soap, shampoo and hand wash. Dr Tan recommends using Emu Tracks Liquid Wash which is made from natural herbs and essential oils especially the star ingredient, Pure Emu Oil. Finally, for chronic cases, he saw results when patients consume Emu Oil Capsules.

    By: Before & After | Emu Oil Helps Dry & Itchy Skin
    I suffer from poor skin conditions like acne, dry & itchy skin from young. The skin on my fingers itch, flak and bleed. After applying emu oil, the results speak for itself. It is amazing! Now I use the Liquid Wash and consume Emu Oil Capsules as they do not contain chemicals and are good for my skin, hair, nails and heart.

    By: Uncle William (74yr old) Uses Liniment
    When I was struck with DDD (Degenerative Disc Disorder), it was very painful for me. Surgery carries high risk and the worst case scenario is to be wheelchair bound. I don't want my family to suffer taking care of me. I found that physiotherapy (& Liniment) does help! After 3 years of hard work, I recovered from DDD. I encourage your Grandpa & Grandma, parents to get healthier. If I can do it (overcome pain), they can too!

    By: Emu Oil Balm & Capsules helped Mary Avoid Knee Surgery
    My knee was very painful and swollen. I needed a walking stick or umbrella as walking aid. I consulted 3 doctors, TCM and went for massage therapy but it got worse. The doctor gave me an appointment for surgery on 15 Aug 2017. When I googled about Emu Oil, I tried the Emu Oil Balm and Capsules for 3 weeks. It was good for me! Now, I can walk without pain or walking aids. I recommended my sisters and friends to use Emu Tracks Emu Oil products.

    By: Daniel Wong. Ex-National Rower Uses Liniment
    It is very effective for me. The next day, all my muscle tension is released.